We hope you will consider joining us for worship. We know visiting a church for the first time isn’t always easy, so we have provided some information about our services and what to expect. Contact us with any additional questions.

The Location

Central Christian Church shares space on their campus for Journey to use on Sunday afternoons (Directions HERE). We meet in their old sanctuary which is a lovely room full of windows. There are several entrances, but our sign is right in front of door to enter the main building. Park in the parking lot facing Westside Dr., we will be through the entrance on the east side (super helpful, huh?). Don’t worry—just look for the sign.

The Gathering

Journey is a laid back group, and this manifests from clothing, to attitude, to structure. This means we have a worship style that is typical for us, but it isn’t unusual for us to stray from that. On a normal Sunday afternoon, you’ll walk into the fellowship hall to see it set up for worship with pews, a communion table and a guitar. We start with prayer, we sing, read scripture, all the things one might expect. Instead of a sermon, though, we will often have discussion. Our Pastor, Kayla Coffee-Prose, will prepare a talk, but there will be times during the talk when it’s opened to the community for discussion. In this way, we gather the wisdom of the community and allow our shared experience to play a role in shaping our faith. After the discussion, we respond by celebrating the Eucharist.

If it isn’t a typical Sunday, you might find us gathered around tables for less formal discussion, practicing an ancient prayer tradition or working on a service project. On Friday, an announcement regarding the worship format is posted on our social media sites and website so you can know what to expect ahead of time.

The Children

Children are always welcome in worship. Even the loud ones. Infants and toddlers are welcome to stay and join with us in worship.   For our older children, ages 3(ish) and up, we have a childcare worker, Alaura Sylvis (background checked and everything), who teaches Godly Play during the discussion portion of worship. If you would like to learn more about about this curriculum, visit godlyplay.org.

The Welcome

We realize that a lot of churches say “all are welcome”, and that doesn’t necessarily mean what it should. We want to relay that if you would like us to be your community, we will be. We’ll encourage and support you and we’ll practice being followers of Christ with you.